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Test and Quality Control

In Chittaranjan, Quality Control ensures many unsurpassed precautionary measures at every step of process and handlings. This begins with sourcing of raw materials like milk, sugar, additives etc, with utensils and other materials used in processing paying a noteworthy role. Cleanliness and hygiene of all the containers, pipes, storage vats and different tools, which are inseparable part of this vast activity, need strict supervision and control. But the most important area is where human hands are concerned, where all these measures have to be indoctrinated. In this industry, where engagements are offered to socially and financially diffident, sense of hygiene, sanitation needs to be imparted. So, to convey the knowledge in daily practice, and is the only remedy.

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Milk, a major participant is generally procured from the group company’s Dairy Farm at Durgapur. Farmers adopted from the surrounding villages help with their contributions. Health of the miltch cows, green fodder and feed concentrations and the entire affair are strictly administered proficiently. Use of insecticides and pesticides in fodder cultivation are avoided. Bio, green and farmed manure has almost abolished the need of chemical fertilisers. Infrastructural support in bovine disease and reproductive segment has facilitated healthy mothers with followers.

Sterilisation and cleaning of the site, by able hands, helps guarantee sanitary and hygienic plant.

Raw milk and other participants endure series of tests in the chemical and microbiological labs. The slightest suggestion of impurity or adulteration, leads to the rejection of the entire lot. Inspecting every step of processing, in these hyper sensitive biological products, is the crying need to maintain the final quality. Hence, the introduction of a strict regime is mandatory. Only after meeting the requirements of every stage of produce, it qualifies for the next part. An integrated laboratory with infrastructural back up has made it feasible for us to adhere to this stringent quality control.

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