Subho Porinoy



Subho Porinoy

1_SubhoPorinoyText2_SubhoPorinoyTextThe most sacred relation in human civilisation where two individual reciprocal entities make their life long bonds through social approval and presence. Actually, based on this premise society and civilisation survives. Underestimating or ignoring this important condition nowadays caused many problems resulting social instability.
Mostly, marriages taken place between two families of same clan where they exchange Roti and Beti. In Bengal also numerous socially divided classes has their own marriage style and rituals. Every community follow those norms in their respective marriage occasions. But in most of the modern economically affordable families more or less one simplified process of rituals are followed.

Marriages are always performed on auspicious day and time as per Vedic norms. It is followed through many chronological orders from Paka Dekha(ring ceremony) to Fulsajya( honeymoon). Almost all members of the family clan are invited not only for a day but for several days, as the married females have to be involved in different stree aachar.

In all those occasions Mistanna plays an inseparable part, changing its shape and form. In this display, we have chosen few of the traditional sweets those are made for the different occasions.


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