Puja Parbon



Puja Parbon

1_PujaParbonText2_PujaParbonTextIn greater Bengal many religions converged and lived together peacefully in multi layered social strata. Scores of rituals performed in different religious faith has fusion effect on each others social observing. Bengal adopted Hindu Vedic rituals in later period in comparison to north India time frame. Through many cultural interactions and peaceful cohabitation it was ultimately people’s victory and Bengal rituals became colourful and versatile in character. Here we shall narrate occasions based on Hindu religious social rites as they are predominating in Bengal.

Proverb has it that Bengali Hindus have more than millions deity and gods to worship. They also have several occasions to perform outnumbering the calendar days. There is a difference in basic origin of these religious observations. Most of the rites are of folk origin practised in local regions. Very few Vedic god are worshipped in all part of Bengal.

Mistanna of varied and high quality are subject of socially and financially upper classes, where on these occasions they show their might to the others. In colonial Calcutta these old Zamindar Babus did polish it in urban style adding sophistication in all manners. Thus in sweetmeat also, Artisans brought substantial changes suiting the patron’s choice. We draw your attention to observe some of such offerings.


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