Jamai Sosti



Jamai Sosti

1_JamaiSashtiTextThis ritual of folk origin is observed by Bengali mothers on the sixth day of full moon phase in Jaistha month according to Bengali Calendar. Goddess Sosti is the protector of every child according to Hindu mythological belief. So, to pacify through worshipping this Vindhyabasini Goddess, Mothers from all social orders observe Aaranya Broto. This way Debi Sosti’s pleasing only could keep the children free from any untoward incident. In later years, this ritual was meant for son-in-laws only, who are considered as children too.

On this day son-in-laws are invited and treated specially with extravaganza in their in laws house. Contrarily, on that day Mothar-in-laws observe fast and austerity as per Broto for praying well being of their wards from this Goddess. This occasion is enjoyed strictly within family circle. Reciprocating this special treatment son-in-laws also arrange similar function on second day after Kali Puja in the month of Kartick according to Bengali calendar. There they give the equal treat to their brother-in-laws and that occasion is known as Bhatri Dwitiya. Nowadays, non Bengali section in Kolkata, following Bengal’s culture also observes this event calling it Bhai-Dujh. So, after all these ritualistic performance what remains is the sweet and cordial relation between the members of two families.

Varieties of innovative sweets are prepared to satisfy each other on both the occasions. Here a trend for something new kind has always take precedence as it involves youth generation. Scope of fusion also made wide, producing scores of newer Mistanna for the day only. In the above visual presentation we have shown some eternal loyal varieties which never get old.

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