This is a must for every new born in all socio cultural level because it involves true beginning of life’s journey for any human being. Food is the most major component for sustaining life. A new life starts to get it in the womb through umbilical chord and in post natal phase mother’s milk do the needful. But all these are temporary arrangements. Hence from a point, one should begin to know this world, which shall provide us the required support. That introduction is done through this particular ceremony of Annaprasan.

2_AnnaprasanTextPicSpecial arrangements are made to cook the entire food item usually consumed by the community of a particular cultural background. Some senior member of the family, preferably from maternal side takes the charge to perform this introduction. With all other things Mistanna takes its special position in this ceremonial function. The importance given to Mistanna indicates the depth where it has penetrated its roots in Bengal’s culture. Again, varieties of sweets are prepared suiting ones financial budget and Artisans put their imagination power to add something new in it.

Here we have displayed some of the items popularly asked for in those occasions.

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